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Product reviews blog is the symbol and home for honest, critical, practical research and vital information concerning your different questions, concerns and search queries about different products in Nigeria especially cosmetic products.

My team and I bring you reviews that are honest and are all from our experience and experience of our customers.

My name is Linda and for 7 years, I have been working in the cosmetic section of a supermarket and I have encountered a lot of problems with people and products and also gotten a lot of reviews from people about different products.

I know how difficult it is to get customers to make decisions about buying different products and I know how much they would need a review and that is why productreviews.com.ng is here to help.

For your search queries, you should trust us at productreviews.com.ng to give you unadulterated truths about products and if they would be good or not for different skin types and skin tones and all these are from people that have used them before.

I believe that helping people with first hand honest reviews and personal experiences with products would help them make better decisions.

I am a practical person, I love to try out new products and also love to experience new things and tell people about  them, stating clearly the positive and negative outcomes.

I have volunteered myself and my team to experience it all and give you resourceful information on your questions.

With how difficult it is to get honest reviews and in a world where people write reviews without using the products  , trust my team and I to give you reviews on products we or our customers have used.

We won’t bring you false or alien information or just product descriptions on the body of the product and this is evident in our pictures. Our pictures are all taken by us, meaning we have access to those products.

Even when the formulation of some products have been changed after we have written the reviews, once it’s brought to our notice, we would do a re-review of that product , we owe you that.

Finally, our solemn promise to you is that in a world filled with dishonest or bias reviews, let’s be your guide, holding your hand to make the right product decision.

Welcome to the productreviews.com.ng family

Chinyere and the team❤❤