Ceedyn acne cream is a cream used to tackle skin irritations like bumps, eczema, pimple, ringworms, rashes, cream reaction e t c.

A lot of people undermine the effect of this little cream probably because it’s small and inexpensive but this is like magic in a little bottle when used for any of the skin irritation listed above.

St Luke’s Prickly Heat Powder Review

St Luke’s snake brand prickly heat powder has always been my favourite prickly heat powder.

Since childhood, my parents started using this powder to fight heat rash on my skin and the skin of my younger sibling.

Growing up, heat rashes on my skin and that of everyone in the family was quite popular, we were always having rashes and


Tetmosol citronella soap is a medicated soap that leaves your skin feeling free from skin infections.

I used to love the hot sensation it isrd to leave after having a warm bath with tetmosol citronella soap although, its now milder and caters to a wider range of skin types, it’s still a good option for one looking for a good medicated soap.

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