Paw paw clarifying soap is a soap that possesses exfoliating properties. Not only does paw paw soap possess exfoliating properties, but it also is a lightening soap and this is due to the presence of papaya as an active ingredient in the soap.

Papaya extract has so many benefits to the human skin, from removing dark spots and brown spots on the skin to changing the skin tone to some shades lighter.

Paw paw clarifying soap is not for people with dark skin, paw paw soap is perfect for people with lighter shades of skin.


Veet gold exclusive whitenizer soap comes in a white bar and it whitens the skin this particular soap is advised for only fair-skinned people.

Veet gold exclusive whitenizer soap helps to clear hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sunburns, wrinkles, acne, blackheads e.t.c

The presence of kojic acid makes it

Veet Gold Whitening Face Lift Soap

Veet gold whitening face lift soap is a whitening soap without doubt, it whites your skin whether you are fair in complexion or dark in complexion.

One time I had a customer walk in and she said she was tired of using cleansers and face creams on her face and she wanted something that would make her pimples dry up instantly, after explaining to her that things that would make her


Tetmosol citronella soap is a medicated soap that leaves your skin feeling free from skin infections.

I used to love the hot sensation it isrd to leave after having a warm bath with tetmosol citronella soap although, its now milder and caters to a wider range of skin types, it’s still a good option for one looking for a good medicated soap.

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