Veet Gold Whitening Face Lift Soap

veet gold face soap
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Veet gold whitening face lift doctor soap is a whitening soap that is specifically used to treat skin irritations like dark circles, blemish, puffiness, fine lines, acnes and other skin discomforts.

Veet gold whitening face lift soap is a whitening soap without doubt, it whites your skin whether you are fair in complexion or dark in complexion.

One time I had a customer walk in and she said she was tired of using cleansers and face creams on her face and she wanted something that would make her pimples dry up instantly, after explaining to her that things that would make her pimples dry up instantly might be toxic and she would have to wait atleast 5days to one week if she wanted to use something that is good and isn’t toxic on her skin.

After I explained to her, she decided to go with veet gold doctor whitening facial face lift soap and the first day after she used it, she said she hadn’t seen any changes, so I advised her to wait a week and in a week, it was very visible.

Although it lightened her skin a bit, but it did the work it was supposed to do gradually.

I noticed that veet gold doctor whitening facial face lift soap didn’t cause her any redness, rashes or sunburn so I would say it’s safe for the skin.

Although after using the soap and all her pimples stopped, she stopped using the product because she said she didn’t want her complexion to be lighten than it was at that point.

Veet gold face lift doctor soap comes in a 100g pack and it is made in USA.

Very gold face lift doctor soap is alcohol free, paraben free and has a neutral p.H of 5.5 indicating that it is safe to use.

Veet gold face lift cream comes in a white bar.

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No, veet gold face lift soap is not a bleaching soap.

It doesn’t contain chemical bleaching agents.



Veet gold doctor whitening facial face lift soap is a good soap for sunburns.

Veet gold face lift soap heals sunburns without any side effects or redness.


Yes, you can use veet gold soap on your face.

The recommended veet gold soap to be used on the face is veet gold doctor whitening facial face lift. This soap is perfect for all facial skin problems and it works wonders on the face.

Veet gold soap is suitable for all skin types including people with oily skin, it helps inhibit sebum secretion, this means that it reduces the oil the sebaceous gland produces, thereby making the skin less prone to pimples, black heads and white heads usually caused by excessive oil.


Here’s how to use veet gold face lift doctor soap

  • Apply veet gold face lift soap on your wet face
  • Massage for some minutes
  • Rinse your face with warm water


Veet gold face lift doctor soap is a very good soap used to treat inflammation, contact dermatitis, acne, oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis and other skin diseases.

I have seen people use veet gold face lift doctor soap and I must say that it is indeed a good soap.

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Veet gold face lift doctor soap is great in the treatment of pimples. It treats pimples and leaves no scars behind.


veet gold face soap review

  • Aqua
  • Fragrance
  • Sodium Palmatic
  • Sodium palm kernalate
  • Glycerin
  • D&C Yellow no.5
  • D &C Red no.33
    1. chinyere says:

      If you want a faster effect, yes
      But I would advice that you finish with the soap first, so that your face doesn’t get too lighter than your body if you combine both

  1. Precious says:

    I have redness due to a soap reaction so I bought veet gold doctor whitening soap lift .. please will it clear my redness and how long will it take ?

    1. chinyere says:

      Yes, veet gold whitening face lift soap would most likely clear the redness on your face just that its also going to whiten your skin. If after a week or two and you do not like its effect on your face, use skin doctor papaya and witch hazel toner

      1. Precious says:

        Okay , no problem about the lightening cause am very fair skin .. this redness is like a circle close to my left cheeks , I was using glutathione arbutin Kojic acid soap so I feel it reacted to my face and the redness happened in a place i treated discolouration before .. I just want this red circle in my face to be light again so it can rhyme my face colour .. I don’t want to use any other product but this veet gold doctor whitening soap, please will it clear this redness cause this redness is very visible on my face and I don’t want to rub it all over my face but the infected area.. I just need assurance, I started using it last night

        1. chinyere says:

          I have seen this work effectively for redness and sunburns on the faces of my customers. You should also know all skin types are different but be hopeful, it has worked for other people

          1. Precious says:

            Last night I was massaging my face with the soap and some part of fhe infected area got sore , I’ve washed the infected area this morning and it was hurting cause some part got sore. Should I get aneeza gold beautyy face cream to apply there ?

    1. chinyere says:

      If its hot on your face, I think you have a sensitive skin. Two days is way too little to start seeing any reasonable result and please dont rush into using another cream, this might burn your face even more

      1. Precious says:

        Alright dear , although that aneeza gold beautyy was made with Aloe Vera and avocado it doesn’t have any hash whitening chemicals, it cleared my discolouration months ago . I triggered this whole thing when i started using a Kojic acid soap. So am going to keep using the soap and give myself from now till next week for results atleast more than 1week is enough time to start seeing results

      2. Precious says:

        The soap i used kind of burn my face like reacted on my face which is the redness now am trying to clear off the redness with the doctor lift whitening soap and aneeza gold beautyy

  2. Jibola says:

    Pls can I use skin doctor soap to cure acne and pimples ? Can It work alone , without usage of cream . Just the soap alone can it clear acne and pimples coz I have acne and pimples ….

  3. toniareyes says:

    i started using it not up to a week and i have seen result
    i have gone bck to the mall to get more 😍😍i love it my favorite
    not only it lightning my face
    it make your face smooth like a baby
    i’m so loving my new skin

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